You want to support me and my project? Wonderful. I've worked out two ways how you can do it the best.

1. Share my content

This way of supporting me is quite simple. Share my articles in Social Media. Send them to friends and help me to reach a wider audience. Besides, I am also very happy about positive, but also about constructive criticism. I am also happy about hints, suggestions, guest contributions etc. Only in this way it is possible to develop the full potential of this project. You are a part of it.

Of course you can also send me content from your side! I'm always open for it.

2. Gift me LEGO bricks

By providing me with old (or new) LEGO bricks, I am able to make my models on historical themes much cheaper. In order to coordinate this fairly, I have developed a small concept.


1. Gift me LEGO bricks by sending them to me or giving me the opportunity to pick them up. I then sort the bricks according to what I need for my models and my project.


Note: If you send them to me and want to have a refund for the shipping costs please contact me before you ship your bricks. Contact me either trough the web formular or on Social Media.


2. After sorting out the bricks, I'll donate the rest I don't need to local kindergartens or similar organizations so that children can play with your LEGO bricks there. I also pick up some figures that turned out to be more valuable. These will be collected and then sold by auction after a certain period of time, and all the proceeds will go to charity projects.


This way you will not only help me and my project, but also children and needy people in this world. In addition, every model came into life through your help.

Thank you for your support!