Here you can find my buildings dedicated to historical subjects. You'll find lots of great LEGO bricks models , lots of information and thoughts about history and its representation.



Latest building

fish lady fischverkäuferin kunsthalle bremen lego moc aline kapff gemälde painting maritim bricks minifig

September 12, 2020 

The Fish Lady  


The Fish Lady is my first attempt to transcribt an oil painting into the LEGO medium. While doing that I learnt a lot about LEGO bricks, paintings and their staging and it ended up as my first exhibition piece. 


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More buildings

lego ww2 history geschichte geschwister scholl flugblätter lmu münchen flugblattaktion die weiße rose public history

May 30, 2020 

Leaflets of the White Rose


The Scholl siblings and their unmatched bravery in a bravery-free time. I captured this scene at a special place in a LEGO model.


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