June 11, 2020
An Interview with Thea Birch who gives us an insight into her work and her perspective on the legoww2 phenomenon. I also question why and how we depict the WW2 with LEGO and what role gender might play in this.

April 12, 2020
Dan from 'Brick to the Past' takes us back to the Middle Ages in Scotland and shows us how we remember past events today. We remember the past as naturally as we build LEGO models. Both have become commonplace.

April 05, 2020
History is with us every day. Just on the way to work, to the supermarket etc. we encounter countless historical artifacts. From buildings, to statues, stumbling blocks, museums, old cars, etc. An everyday life without history is unthinkable. But mostly this part of history in everyday life is only very subtle. And so we use the active engagement with history to escape from everyday life. Letranger' has recognized this and dedicates an entire model to this everyday escape.

March 24, 2020
In my first Moc of the Week article I talk about Ralf Langer's "The Art of greebling" Moc. The artist and I ask ourselves the no more modest question than what art actually is and how to express it with LEGO bricks.

December 27, 2019
I am spreading to you the collected ideas, insights and difficulties of the legostudies from the Histocamp 2019. See what we have focused on and discussed in my session. You won't believe what you can all manage to do in 45 minutes.

December 22, 2019
Sometimes things just happen faster than you think. Our project History's Bricks is actually still in its infancy but large media outlets have already taken notice of our topic. So I am proud to present you this SPIEGEL ONLINE Interview with me about History's Bricks.

October 02, 2019
Have you ever wondered what it is that makes LEGO models historically authentic? To what extent can I go and say that this composition of these plastic bricks are an authentic representation of the past? It has a lot to do with our imagination of the past. I explain this by Tim Schwalfenberg's MOC "Roman Forum" in my first MOC-Discussion.

January 25, 2019
The first article in a short blog series. Here I show how LEGO is more than just a toy. It lays the foundation for the #legostudies. In this one I take care of the media. I look at how the media talks about TLG and its products.

January 04, 2019
An introduction to my personal Public History Blog - History's Bricks. What is it about? What are my goals to achieve? You will find it out.