In our project History's Bricks, We are particularly interested in presenting and distributing other LEGO projects that deal with the medium and historical representations in it and offering them an additional platform. For this reason we intend to work with them to make larger projects and targets possible. 



Public BRICKstory

LEGO Egypt history moc


Public BRICKstory is made by Kevin M.A. History (University of Freiburg, 2018) who highly concentrates on Ancient history. He dedicates himself to various areas of history. From culture to architectural history, everything is included. His greatest success with his project so far was the exhibition of his authentic model of a Roman villa in a local museum. Together with Kevin, we design our monthly LEGO History newsletter since January 2020, which you can subscribe to here for free.



Brick to the Past

LEGO medieval king moc brick to the past


Brick to the Past are the kings of historical LEGO presentations. They are mainly dedicated to different periods of British national history. But they go far beyond national self-adulation and historical myths, they try to depict history as accurately as possible - and as largely as possible(!) - with LEGO bricks. The group has exhibited many of their historical models to date and is considered a popular medium for presenting history on the island. They are especially known for their huge models.