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Experience history in a special way with the help of LEGO bricks. Get to know the small bricks in an unprecedented way and see what's really inside them.

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My articles are about anything related to LEGO and history. I analyse and discuss important topics like authenticity, accuracy, gender, violence etc.

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Newsletter April: Ships ahoy, Black death in England and the European death in Mexico


In our current issue of the #legohistory newsletter we encounter the sinking of the Titanic as well as more historical ships and maritime sceneries. Also we get insights into the Black Death in England and the devastation European conquerors brought to Middle America in the 16th century.


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MotW: All years again - #legohistory and anniversaries


Dan from 'Brick to the Past' takes us back to the Middle Ages in Scotland and shows us how we remember past events today. We remember the past as naturally as we build LEGO models. Both have become commonplace.


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MotW: History as daily escape adventure


History is with us every day. An everyday life without history is unthinkable. But mostly this part of history in everyday life is only very subtle. And so we use the active engagement with history to escape from everyday life. Letranger' has recognized this and dedicates an entire model to this everyday escape.


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Newsletter March: Roman life & war,

history tourism and France in WW2


In our current issue of the #legohistory newsletter we encounter Roman life & war in different contributions, a beautiful homage to history tourism and some impressions of the norman bocage and its meaning during World War 2.

(Read the issue now in our Archive).


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MotW: what is art? 


In my first Moc of the Week article I talk about Ralf Langer's "The Art of greebling" Moc. The artist and I ask ourselves the no more modest question than what art actually is and how to express it with LEGO bricks.


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Video: BR report about History's Bricks. Lego & history - the legostudies? 


The BR made a small video contribution about me and my project. It is about how I actually work and what kind of questions I ask myself during my project. To what extent can LEGO be investigated as a medium for the representation of history, and what can this investigation actually achieve for us? What can you get out of representing LEGO models?


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Newsletter February: Roman battles, D-Day brickfilm and atomic bomb tests in the Bikini-Atoll


In our current issue of the #legohistory newsletter we have various interesting things, from a brickfilm on D-Day to a battle in ancient Rome, many more and my favourite: The story of the nuclear tests in the Bikini-Atoll.

(Read the issue now in our Archive).


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Newsletter December & January: Stunning medieval worlds, Roman history in mini-miniature and a special WW2 build


Public Brickstory and I managed to make a newsletter in which we want you to keep up to date with the world of #legohistory and the #legostudies. Our first issue topics feature an incredible Moc of the Ancient Roman city, fabulous medieval architecture, a battle of the Hurtgen Forest from WW2 and many more.

(Read the issue now in our Archive).


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Kevin from Public BRICKstory and I want you to keep up with the latest in the world of #legohistory.

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