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Experience history in a special way with the help of LEGO bricks. Get to know the small bricks in an unprecedented way and find out what's really inside them!


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My buildings are dedicated to historical subjects. You find lots of great LEGO bricks models, lots of information and ideas about history and its presentation.



My creations are sometimes also exhibitioned in a cultural institution or at a LEGO convention. Find out where you can see current exhibits with my work.


My articles are about anything related to LEGO and history. I analyse and discuss important topics like authenticity, accuracy, gender, violence etc.



My videos show more about my project. They discuss important topics like historical presentation, authenticity, accuracy and more.

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fish lady fischverkäuferin kunsthalle bremen lego moc aline kapff gemälde painting maritim bricks minifig


Building: The Fish Lady


The Fish Lady is my first attempt to transcribt an oil painting into the LEGO medium. While doing that I learnt a lot about LEGO bricks, paintings and their staging and it ended up as my first exhibition piece. 


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fish lady fischverkäuferin kunsthalle bremen lego moc aline kapff gemälde painting maritim bricks minifig sea


Exhibition: "Die Fischverkäuferin" (1877) made with LEGO bricks in the Kunsthalle Bremen


The Kunsthalle Bremen called for artworks to be reconstructed from its inventory. My reconstruction of Aline von Kapff's oil painting called "Die Fischverkäuferin" made it into the exhibition as part of the "Und jetzt Du! Kunstwerke in Quarantäne nachgestellt“. The exhibition is open until September 6.


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lego bricks newsletter geschichte history Einstein ancient colonial atomic bomb moc afol


Newsletter August: Einsteins one mistake, colonial life and ancient artillery


In our current issue of the #legohistory newsletter we look at a beautiful and powerful build about the mass destruction of an atomic bomb, we encounter rarely depicted colonial work and also two clever made ancient artillery engines. 


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lego bricks leonardo da vinci moc collab history geschichte legohistory newsletter


Newsletter July: The Polymath, Forbidden City, Berlin in ruins and castles & castles


In our current issue of the #legohistory newsletter we feature our first collab build which is about the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci. We also encounter some beautiful reconstructed castles, Rocco is amazing us again with his gigantic old Beijing build and the master of debris depictions is also returning. What an issue!

(Read the issue now in our Archive).


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lego bricks gender female ww2 history geschichte narrative waffen-ss wehrmacht


Feature: Thea - a female view on #legoww2


I did an Interview with Thea Birch who gives us an insight into her work and her perspective on the legoww2 phenomenon. I also question why and how we depict the WW2 with LEGO and what role gender might play in this.


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lego ww2 world war omaha bricks d-day bricks moc custom afol Wehrmacht Waffen-SS


Article: D-Day - yes we remember our own way!


It's D-Day anniversary and I have written an article for Omahabricks.com in which I show why the fights in Normandy were so hard and why we commemorate them with LEGO and why I think that's right.


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Interview: History's Bricks presented on SPIEGEL ONLINE


Sometimes things just happen faster than you think. Our project History's Bricks is actually still in its infancy but large media outlets have already taken notice of our topic. So I am proud to present you this SPIEGEL ONLINE Interview with me about History's Bricks. 


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Histocamp 2019: Questions of the legostudies


I am spreading to you the collected ideas, insights and difficulties of the legostudies from the Histocamp 2019. See what we have focused on and discussed in my session. You won't believe what you can all manage to do in 45 minutes.


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